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Hi, my name is Joanne VanHise. I have been quilting for 30+
years and have taught for the past 10+years.
I have taken quilting classes across the country and find joy
in sharing what I have learned.

In 2008 I had the happy experience to have a quilt juried into
the Machine Quilters Expo in Manchester, NH. Last year at
the 2011 Erie County Fair I was thrilled to win the Southtown
Piecemakers Quilting Guild Award for an original baby quilt.

I am a gadget junkie and will try anything if it promises to
make a process easier. Check the Quilting Lab Page
(currently in construction) for reviews of each ruler, template,
pattern, technique etc. that I have tried over the years. I will
share with you my frustration, elation, failures and success.
And of course I am willing to come and teach you what I have

I am also pleased to announce 2 new teachers that are
joining me in this venture: Pat Orsini and Nancy Hyde.
Between the 3 of us we have over a 100 years of quilting and
sewing experience that we are willing to share.

Happy Quilting