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Quilting Notes
To complete our project the quilt needs a label. Quilters years
from now could be studying our quilt and wondering who made
it and why.  Family members could use the information to
develop a family tree.

Some quilters sign and date their work in the quilting. This
way no one can remove the information without damaging the
quilt. Long arm quilters often sew their logo (a bird, cat, flower
etc) into the quilting, identifying their work. Free motion
quilting is like handwriting and is unique to each individual.
A label on the back of the quilt can provide the most
information. My labels include name, date finished, town and
state I lived in at the time. If the quilt has been made for an
individual their name, town and state is included. The occasion
is also recorded: birth, wedding etc. Fiber content for care
information is also included example: Cotton fabric with
polyester batting. Such notes as: can be machine washed cold
gentle cycle, can also be included. If a quilt has won a special
award at a show I will add another label stating the award and
date of show.

There are several ways to make a label. Muslin, cotton lawn, or
special fabric sheets for printers can be used. You can use
permanent markers made for fabric. You can embroider the
info by hand or machine. There are also computer programs
just for making quilt labels. Be sure to follow all the directions.
I always heat set with a dry iron, then rinse under water to
check for bleeding. I blind stitch the label on the back bottom
left hand corner of the quilt. Some quilters sign their quilt on
the backing fabric or apply the label before quilting and quilt
through it. You can also make a pocket out of the label and
insert additional info.

There is also a new product/service that includes a scan able
code. It can be sewn to the quilt. When the code is scanned it
will take you to a saved file. This file can include a recorded
voice message, video etc.  That special heirloom baby quilt
from grandma can include a video message from her. The files
are saved forever. Future generations can now have grandma’s
quilt and a video message from her.

Be creative! Have fun with the label!

If you have any questions e-mail me at: